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ABOUT Mark Moore

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Mark Moore

Mark Moore is the founder of Free Thinking Therapies, a practice dedicated to helping people with mental health issues such as stress, anxiety and self-confidence. After a diverse career, ranging from the forces to senior management for a FTSE 100 company, Mark has gained perspective which makes him uniquely qualified in helping people to achieve mindfulness.

Mark is continually delivering talks on hypnotherapy, mental health and neuro-linguistic programming. He regularly assists in the voluntary sector, providing much-needed support to the most disadvantaged members of the community.


To treat the underlying issues that interfere with wellness, Mark has created a purpose-built therapy room within his home in Loughborough. The space offers a relaxed and comforting environment which Mark has dedicated to “making someone’s life better”, providing a space for “easing their anxiety” or just “giving them the confidence to be the best version of themselves”.

Mark also regularly travels to see clients in the comfort of their own homes, providing convenient support to those who are often unable to leave the house.


Mark is qualified in a broad range of therapies including a Certificate in Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills and a Diploma in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. He has also given up work to pursue qualifications in Psychotherapy. His professional qualifications, combined with real-life experiences, allow Mark to effectively treat a range of issues related to stress and anxiety such as sleep problems, self-confidence, weight management and performance problems.

Mark is also a member of several professional organisations including the National Hypnotherapy Society and the National Counselling Society.


After a brief foray in the military and police force, Mark settled into the corporate world in senior management. Here, he first discovered his passion for managing not only his team’s work responsibilities but also their psychological needs; a critical factor which led to securing several prestigious industry awards year after year. It is Mark’s own success in the business world that gives him unique insight and perspective into the psychological needs of businesses, their management teams and the individuals.

Mark lives in his Loughborough home with his wife Annette. He also has three grown-up sons who help him become aware of the cultural and technological changes that today’s society face. In 2018, Mark left the corporate world behind to focus solely on ways to help people achieve mindfulness through prevention and intervention. He believes that “Successful therapy hinges on good relationships. We work with the person, not the diagnosis, getting to know their own story and shaping their therapy accordingly.”

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