Moving from certain times

The last 56 years (my age) have been exciting, challenging, enjoyable and memorable. I paused today to think about all the various initiatives, advancements, inventions and intentions of the world’s governments and business leaders to which have “changed our lives”. Now, here we are with Covid-19; something so small we can’t see it, but who’s development is so large, it’s followed the world over. Every media platform is covering it – TV stations, newsprint, social media – and as our conversations grapple with this unknown intruder, it distracts us from the things that used to occupy our time.

When was the last time you considered anything other than the issues which currently face you? Weeks, months, years? The multimillionaire footballers and the on-line influencers are just as susceptible to this virus than everyone else; however, they have the luxury of being more comfortable than you in this crisis. They can financially afford to social isolate (thanks to you) and are feeling confident that you will restore their popularity once you’ve fought your own battle to get through this. The influencers of the world have been demoted; toilet roll now ranks higher on your lists of needs and (I bet you’d give a “like” to your corner shop if they had a four-pack of Andrex).

I’m sticking to my normal routines and my aim to make my client’s tomorrow better than their yesterday.

As I prepare to go off and assist with feeding some of the local homeless people and offer free counselling and support to others as I do each Wednesday, I expect their values and fears haven’t changed. Survival is the norm for them and toilet roll is a luxury many of them of learnt to do without long ago.

I’m sticking to my usual routines and my aim to make my client’s tomorrow better than their yesterday. As our world changes before our eyes, I believe that post virus, we will have a very different world in terms of values. Yes, we will see the worst in some come out but also the best in others. Although our own needs may cause us to be blind to the needs of others, there are still millions of people around the world who will see our desperate plight as a luxury. Maybe they are lucky, very little will change for them, those with nothing, have nothing to lose.