Facing our fears and worries Facing

Facing Our Fears and Worries There is a lot of fear around the coronavirus and this is on top of all the issues, all the things that create fear for us. One fear is the unknown when we have gaps in information, we try to fill the gaps, our mind gets busy trawling through our internal references. I’ve been interested to eavesdrop on some of the conversations as I have queued outside the supermarkets lately, people creating their own headlines, their own horror stories. This is natural, we are inquisitive by nature and we want to feed and satisfy our......

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What is boredom and how to deal with it?

What is boredom and how to deal with it? Boredom is normally seen as having nothing to do. We see it as an unpleasant or uncomfortable emotional state when we lack interest and find it difficult to concentrate on what we are doing. We all suffer from boredom at some points in our life, 30 -90 % of us experience it daily at some point. Men are generally more bored than women. Here are a few main causes of boredom: 1. Monotony. Boredom is like mental fatigue so repetitive jobs or task where we lack interest in what we are......

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Are you Over Eating or Drinking during lock-down?

Are you Over Eating or Drinking during lock-down? As a hypnotherapist, dieting, weight loss or weight management is one of the common things that people come to for help with. Very, very, often these people have tried various and sometimes numerous diets and in a lot of these cases the specific diets have worked. That is to say that whilst they followed the diet plan, they lost weight. And yes, you guessed, as soon as they stopped, they put some or all of the weight back on. So why do you see certain foods as a treat? When and where......

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stress and anxiety

Stress and Anxiety

Trauma, real trauma, is a problem that is on the rise. It doesn’t have to be a single significant event as is experienced by service people in theatres of war, trauma can be the result of compounding a number of seemingly small events, each in isolation might be manageable but added to others they can leave us traumatised....

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Family Communication, Therapy and Counselling

Family Communication, Therapy and Counselling This video looks at family communication, therapy and counselling. Our use of language conjures up pictures in our mind. The words we use also create images in the minds of those who hear them. The first name to come to mind when we think of this profession is probably Freud. Freud brought us psychoanalysis and introduced us to the concept of our ego, our life force and brought to term libido into popular use – although it refers to the “life force”, our energy if you like, not the more modern reference to our sex......

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What is Anxiety and what strategies can I use to get through it?

What is Anxiety and what strategies can I use to get through it? Stress and anxiety are natural, normal responses to situations. These responses are “built in”, since the dawn of time man as had to respond to evolving and changing threats. Life was definitely much simpler back in prehistoric times. All we needed was food and shelter. Our threats were dinosaurs and maybe other people and we learned, we developed a response, we either ran away or we fought. Millions of years have allowed the human body to evolve to prepare to this fight or flight response. We have......

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Coping with Stress and Anxiety during quarantine

Coping with Stress and Anxiety during quarantine Stress and anxiety are similar but not the same, stress is opening the door to be confronted by a huge bear, anxiety is the thought “there might be a huge bear behind the door”. Anxiety is the fear, the worry of what might be, or even what will be. When I see clients, they will often say they want to free of stress or anxiety and as powerful as hypnotherapy can be, no good honest therapist would offer a client freedom from stress. We need stress, it’s built-in, it has helped mankind survive......

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