Are you Over Eating or Drinking during lock-down?

As a hypnotherapist, dieting, weight loss or weight management is one of the common things that people come to for help with. Very, very, often these people have tried various and sometimes numerous diets and in a lot of these cases the specific diets have worked. That is to say that whilst they followed the diet plan, they lost weight. And yes, you guessed, as soon as they stopped, they put some or all of the weight back on.

So why do you see certain foods as a treat? When and where did you learn they were the treats, think back, yes back your childhood. We are rewarded with these treats, remember be good and you’ll get, do well at and you’ll get, eat all your dinner and you’ll get.

Get the picture. We associate certain foods as treats, we reward ourselves with chocolate because that’s what we have been taught. When upset and sad how many children are told “here, this will cheer you up or this will make you feel better” as they are handed a bar of chocolate or bag of sweets.

When we acknowledge the growing numbers of eating disorders and the growing number of those suffering from them, we can see how our relationship with food can easily become an uncomfortable or even dangerous one that is rooted in our minds.

So how can we avoid the marketing, the brand hype, and shop layout that is designed for one purpose, to sell to us? To make us buy more than we want. Using hypnotherapy, I would build the following behaviors into a client’s subconscious over a number of weeks but you can plant these seeds of ideas into your mind now.

Be clear of your goals, is a dress size, is it weight, is it inches? Is your time scale realistic? I help people lose 1-2 lbs a week, if your weight comes crashing down it will just bounce back up. Set a picture in your mind of what you will look like in 2, 4 6 0r 8 weeks. Or put that picture of you when you were a stone lighter somewhere where you see it every day. Hang that dress or those trousers that did fit on the back of the door.

Are you Over Eating or Drinking during lock-down?

Remind yourself often of the journey your on and the destination you are heading for.

1. Thinking in terms of eating healthily, take a virtual trip to the shop, see yourself going into and around your usual supermarket. Focus on the items you want to buy for your diet goals.

2. Make a list, you know your way around the store and roughly where everything is, list in order of the store layout to avoid wandering up and down the aisles, and exposing yourself to more and more temptation.

3. Beware of self -sabotaging your goals. Yes, you will have bad days. Some days will be better than others. Remember when you drop your phone you immediately pick it up, check it’s OK and working and make a mental note to be more careful, you don’t stamp on repeatedly to make sure it really broke! But very often we stamp all over our plans and dreams because we had a bad day.

4. Ask why I am eating this, is it because I feel fed up, bored, sad, angry? Stop and consider what’s happening right there and then, is this the five-year-old version of you getting pacified or bribed by mum and dad? Eat this and you’ll feel better? No, you won’t.

5. Read all about it, do your research, understand what’s good for you and how much of anything isn’t good for you. Feed your knowledge.

6. Treat yourself! This isn’t a form of torture, restricting your pleasures is just likely to cause you overindulge in them at the first opportunity you get. Show yourself you’re in control though, I keep a bar of chocolate in my fridge always, and most days I enjoy some chocolate, I love it. but I don’t eat the whole thing. Same with alcohol, if you can’t control it, then it’s controlling you!

7. Enjoy your food, I think we often eat without tasting, really tasting, really enjoying what we eat. Normally because we’re front of the TV or eating on the go or sat at our desk. Eating is a necessary and important in fact life giving function, eating fuels our lives, gives us the energy to pursue our goals and dreams. Give it the attention it deserves.

8. Finally here beware of others sabotaging your goals, beware the enemy within, your house that is, your partner, your kids. I’ve because used to clients discovering that their partner doesn’t want to be only overweight person in the house or is actually worried that other people might find their partner attractive and then they’ll meet someone else, they’ll leave and you will be amazed at what peoples minds can do.

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